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Prep Time: 0 min

Cook Time: 15 min

Yields: 40 cookies


This is probably the easiest cookie recipe I can think of. I was inspired by this cool post on Barb Schram's blog, and I realized I could easily make these myself! They're really great for a Halloween party, especially when you're short on time.


  • Hershey's kisses
  • Keebler fudge stripe cookies (turned upside down)
  • Orange cookie frosting (the kind that hardens- I used yellow because I couldn't find orange)
  • Chocolate cookie frosting (the kind that hardens)


  • Turn the Keebler cookie upside down (easy enough, right?)
  • Coat the bottom of a Hershey's Kiss with the chocolate hardening frosting and stick it in the center of the cookie. Ideally you should wait for it to harden entirely, but you can proceed after just a few minutes if you like.
  • Line the edges of the Hershey's Kiss with the orange cookie frosting. Ta-da! A witch hat cookie! Just wait for it to dry entirely before stacking or putting in a tin