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How cute!

Prep Time: As long as you want!

Cook Time: 0:00



Learn many ways of cooking cute , spooky Halloween themed muffin decorating.


(serves 3) 3 small muffins/cupcakes orange buttercream frosting white buttercream frosting green buttercream frosting. black buttercream frosting purple buttercream frosting white writing icing black writing icing chocolate dots Also, a butterknife!


For a witch: 1. On half of the muffin, spread green buttercream frosting. 2. Using the black icing, outline a nose,wart, and evil grin. 3. Add two chocolate dots above nose. 4. Make eyes over dots using white and black frosting. 5.Slightly above the eyes, use black frosting to make a stripe. 6. Do the same with the purple, but slightly above the black. 7. Make the last stripe a black triangle, to finish the witch's hat. 8. Add some black hair. For a ghost: 1. Spread white buttercream frosting over muffin. 2. Using chocolate buttons, make two big eyes. 3. Make a black mouth out of buttercream frosting. For a jack o' lantern: 1. Spread orange buttercream frosting over muffin. 2. Using black icing, make a face "carving" 3. Using black icing, add a stump over othe face. 4. Using butterknife, carefully make outlines of seed linings aroung the "circumference" of your pumpkin.