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In Romanian: Rulada cu nuci




  1. Boil the milk with the sugar and walnuts at low heat, mixing continuously until you get a soft paste. Add vanilla or rum.
  2. Beat the yolks with the sugar and vanilla, add the whipped egg whites, gently fold them in, gradually add the flour (like a rain).
  3. Pour the mixture uniformly into a greased and dusted rectangular pan and bake at medium heat.
  4. Test with the wooden pick to see when it is done.
  5. When ready, turn onto a wooden cutting board covered with a soaked and squeezed cloth.
  6. Quickly spread the walnut paste on the dough, roll tightly and leave it wrapped in the wet cloth for several minutes.
  7. Then wrap the roll in a dry cloth and leave it for 2 – 3 hours.
  8. Then remove the wrap, place the cake onto a long platter, sprinkle it with confectioner's sugar and cut into finger thick slices.