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About pie crusts[]

Pie crust, also known as pâte brisée [paht bree-ZAY], is a French term for "short pastry," a rich flaky dough used for sweet and savory crusts for dishes such as pies, tarts, quiches and barquettes. Pate Sucree is sweet Pastry which is used for sweet pies... Biscuit pastry, for example is used for sweet pastries.

Crumb pie crusts[]

The most popular crumb pie crust is Graham cracker crumb pie crust, but other types of wafers can be used, such as vanilla or chocolate wafers and gingersnaps. The crackers or wafers are crumbled and then mixed with butter or margarine and sometimes a few spices, nuts or other flavour enhancer to create a crust which is pressed into place in the pie or cake pan.

Ready-made pie crusts[]

Some people choose to economize on time and effort and buy their pie crusts ready-made. These products are widely available in grocery stores.

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