<plb_layout val_3="5 min" val_4="1 hr per cookie" val_6="Around 20-30 cookies" val_8="This is a really fun and easy recipe, and it's great for kids' Halloween parties (or adults with a fun sense of humor). One of the best things about these cookies is that the white "frosting" is actually melted white chocolate, so they taste extremely rich and delicious, and can be stacked without falling apart! I was inspired by this recipe on, but the ingredients for my version are slightly different." val_9="* Vanilla wafers * Tollhouse white chocolate morsels (half a bag is usually fine- and you don't need the fancy chocolate, I promise!) * Tollhouse Semi-sweet potato chips * Cookie frosting in red and blue (the kind that hardens- you can find it in the frosting/cake decorating section). I used a multi-pack that had red, blue, yellow and green. " val_10="*First, you have to melt the white chocolate morsels. This is actually the hardest part of the entire recipe because melting white chocolate is more difficult than melting other kinds of chocolate (as I've learned the hard way). Contrary to popular belief, you can use a microwave for this, but it's important to have the power at a 50% setting--anything else will burn the chocolate. In a microwave-safe bowl, and with the power at 50%, zap the white chocolate morsels in the microwave for one minute at a time. Don't put all the morsels you need in at once--only put enough to cover the bottom of the bowl, and then go back to add more when you're done with the first batch, because it will harden fast and you will just have to microwave it again if it hardens before you use it all. *Then, cover the wafers in white chocolate. At first I used a knife for this, but then I realized that if I got my fingers a little messy in the process, I could dip the cookies into the white chocolate and then even out the edges with my fingers, and I got a much flatter, more even result this way. *Make a blue dot with the blue cookie frosting on each cookie. Immediately after, press a chocolate chip into each blue dot, making sure there is a blue "ring" around the outside of the chip. Do not wait for the cookie frosting to dry first--if you do, the chip won't stick. *For the bloodshot part of the eye, use a toothpick or a very narrow frosting bottle to draw thin red lines of cookie frosting. *Let sit until the potato chips and the frosting have totally dried, and then you can stack them up as much as you like without worrying about frosting mess. And of course, serving them and eating them are the most fun steps!" val_11="File:IMG_2568.jpg | " layout_id="4718" cswikitext=" "></plb_layout>

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