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Chocolate dust cookies are a homemade recipe I created one day when I was hungry and wanted to be a little creative, the snack can be made in minutes and uses ingredients most households have.


  • drinking chocolate powder (hot chocolate powder)
  • plain cookies (biscuits if you're from the United Kingdom)
  • butter


  1. First make sure you have the ingredients above, and get them ready, i recommend using a dinner plate but it is not needed.
  2. First place your desired amount of cookies on the work surface/plate , 1 cookie = 1 chocolate dust cookie.
  3. Spread some butter on one side of the cookies, this will act as a adhesive to make the chocolate dust stick to the cookie.
  4. Sprinkle your desired amount of chocolate dust onto the butter already spread over the cookie.
  5. Place another cookie over the powder to create a sandwich design.
  6. Now you can eat the chocolate dust cookies!.


  • Use a dinner plate when creating the snack as it can get a little messy, during preparation and eating.
  • Use a small spoon when sprinkling the powder onto the butter as it is easier this way.
  • Plain cookies are easier to work with but others would work the same.