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This makes a heavy moist bread that is delicious. Any kind of nuts can be used and any kind of dried fruit that your prefer. This can be sugar-free using Splenda brown sugar blend and an apple butter recipe using Splenda.



  1. Combine flour, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a large mixing bowl.
  2. In a small bowl mix ¾ cup apple butter, apple juice, butter and egg together.
  3. Fold in the raisins and chopped nuts.
  4. Add the apple butter mixture to the dry ingredients and blend together.
  5. Pour half the mixture in a loaf pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray.
  6. Gently spread the reserved ¾ cup apple butter over the batter.
  7. Pour the rest of the batter over the apple butter mixture and spread evenly over the top to cover.
  8. Bake at 350°F for 55 to 65 minutes or until done.
  9. To bake "my mistake loaf" just put all the apple butter in the wet ingredients and blend into the dry ingredients.
  10. I cut up dried pineapple pieces and added with the nuts instead of the raisins.
  11. Pour the whole batter into the loaf pan and bake as above.